Corezone Newsletter: February 2020 – BUFF Epic Ultimate Trail 2020 | New Black Diamonds

February 2020 Issue

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Don’t Miss the Early Bird!

Early bird registrations closes on 29th February 2020 so hurry on you procrastinators! 

Did you know that all participants are entitled to exclusive race design BUFF®? These are collector items as they will NOT be on sale anywhere in the world! 

Besides that, there will also be special edition BEUTop Pack Run Cap and Trucker Cap on sale. And of course, registered runners can get it at a discounted price.

Online pre-order purchase will be made available soon. Look out for announcement. Products purchased will be given out during race kit collection.

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It’s just running, you say, so why encumber it with trekking poles? But analyze starting-line photos of rugged mountain ultras and even steep shorter-distance races, and you’ll notice a growing percentage of racers sporting trekking poles. So what’s all the fuss?

“Poles make a huge difference on long training runs, races and FKTs,” says Krissy Moehl, who set the Tahoe Rim Trail FKT using poles. “They can help with balance when fatigued, add power on steep climbs and keep you more upright, as opposed to pressing hands on knees.”

We have brought in 2 new Black Diamond poles specially for the growing number of users here in Malaysia too.


” Designed for everyday use by trail runners and day hikers, the Distance Z is our most affordable Z-Pole.


Our lightest Z-Pole built for mountain athletes and weight conscious adventurers, the Distance Carbon Z is now stronger with improved joint support and more durable, making it the ultimate in folding-pole performance.

For ultra trail running, all-night approaches or just big climbing objectives that push beyond daylight, the Black Diamond Spot 325 has 325 lumens of power, now housed in a smaller, more efficient design.

Now available in 7 different colours to go with your personality or attire at RM182 each.

Black Diamond 325 Headlamp
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Columbia Men’s Bahama ll S/S
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Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge 2.0 L/S
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Columbia Women’s Silver Ridge 2.0 L/S
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