Core Team

Leong Dee Lu – Founder and Director


Corezone was started 15yrs ago by a worn out outdoor guide who wanted to seek new personal adventures, instead of kayak down the same river 50 times a year or climb the same routes every weekend.

A US graduate with a BA (Hons) in International Business & Marketing, DeeLu gave up on the corporate world very early in life to pursue a nomadic ‘career’ outdoors (to the horror of her very Chinese parents). Trained as a river guide, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Single Rope Rescue Technician, and Technical Director for international adventure races with Nomad Adventure, Dee Lu went on to expand her experiences by climbing with global outfits such as the International School of Mountaineering (ISM), Rainier Mountaineering Inc (RMI), and American Alpine Institute (AAI) to learn more about the professional guiding world outside of Malaysia.

As a matter of interest, she has made it her life purpose to sign up with professional guides all over the globe to climb, kayak, crawl, abseil, paddle, hike, swim and run to experience the best the outdoors has to offer before she gets too old to move. Her bucket list is ultra long.

As a matter of habit, she chats up every guide extensively (like a true kpc) to learn more about their local environment, safety record, equipment needs, weather expectations, logistic facilities, etc. etc. Then, she goes to international outdoor trade shows to pursue her second interest in life…shop for technical outdoor gear to outfit other enthusiasts for their upcoming adventures.

She strongly believes in each person creating their own destiny and in carving out their own lifestyle. If you want to experience that adventure, you will make it happen. Work hard, play harder.

“To climb the highest mountain, start with the right gear”

@ Corezone our Retail Guides will cheer you on and help you GEAR UP!


Sharon Tan – Retail Director


So, who else owns Corezone?
Meet Sharon Tan, co-owner of this 15yo female enterprise that started out in SS2 to service a small community of rock climbers.

Just freshly back from university in Canada, Sharon mooted the idea of an outdoor store that carried quality gear. A gear enthusiast and collector of climbing hardware she got roped into the business world, although she was trained in the sciences.

Armed with her exposure to the backcountry in Canada and her work experience in the outdoor industry during summer holidays, Sharon quickly became a key personnel in Corezone during our formative years.

Trained as a climbing instructor, Swiftwater Rescue technician and Single Rope Rescue technician previously with Nomad Adventure, Sharon had the technical knowledge to ‘keep up with the boys talk’ and make it comprehensible for those with less technical background.

Over the years of attending a multitude of international outdoor trade shows in Europe and America to learn about groundbreaking technologies and new equipment introductions in the market, Sharon has perfected the art of translating the science of outdoor gear to our customers heading into the wilderness.

So, if you are packing for a trip of a lifetime and would like some advice on what gear might work for you, make an appointment to meet up with Sharon at the store. As she continues to discover new places to visit and new gear in the market, she will be happy to chat with you on your new adventure.

If you are an outdoor teacher needing some updates on gear, or are looking for the best camping gear for you students or child heading for their outdoor challenge, Sharon Tan is also the person to see.

Contact her at


Shaiful Azuan (Abang Wan) – Senior Retail Guide

If you are heading into the jungles of Malaysia and you are not sure what the trails would be like or what to bring with you, chat with Abang Wan, our Senior Retail Guide or Ironman of Corezone.

Abang Wan has been with us since 2013. His father was in the Pasukan Polis Hutan, Ipoh, Perak (now known as Pasukan Gerak Am – PGA) and he was exposed to life in the jungle since young.

Starting in 1998 he involved himself as a Mountain Guide and Search And Rescue (SAR) personnel in Perak having had extensive hiking experience locally.

In 2005 he found work and training as a river guide, high ropes element technician, caving guide and certified whitewater rescue technician with a leading local outdoor company stationed in Gopeng we all know so well as Nomad Adventure…a pioneer company where most of our Core Crew started their outdoor careers.

By 2007, Wan was transferred to Summit Climbing Gym USJ (owned and operated by Nomad Adventure), to be trained as a Corportate Outdoor Trainer by TeamWorks, an outdoor training module with roots in Australia.

After years of working in the sun, rain, water, rocks and jungle mud with clients, Wan decided to settle down in KL (with a woman he met on a trip 😉) and start a family. His boss from Nomad got him a job with us – the place where Nomad staff comes to retire and continue their own personal adventures.

While he continues to keep active outdoors rock climbing, hiking and camping with his wife and kids, he is more than happy to share his knowledge and experiences with you in our store (and now online).

He is now an expert in outdoor gear and will give you very practical advice on the advantages of using quality gear on the trail and how to pick the right items for your adventures.

Use quality gear, reduce trash.


Koomalam Arumugam (Mala) – Executive


Where there is a Will, there is a Way.

Mala, has been our Administrative Exec and Queen of Inventory for almost a decade. She knows every item that goes into the shop and she can point you in the right direction.

To familiarize herself with the outdoor gear that we carry and to understand what our customers encounter, Mala has sportingly expanded her horizons by joining us on hikes, expeditions, excursions in a multitude of disciplines over the years.

She has been on our 4 day expedition to Rinjani, Indonesia and survived the long traverse; joined us on our hike up Bukit Kutu; tried cave kayaking and mangrove kayaking in Krabi, Thailand; went Whitewater Rafting and high ropes course with Nomad Adventures in Gopeng; roamed Royal Belum with us on foot and in kayaks to waterfalls and traversed an island in search of rafflesia; and lived on a houseboat to name a few of her memorable adventures.

She also participated in a river crossing exercise with a certified trainer to learn the correct and safest way to traverse swift water.

Her cooking skills are always useful when we are on a trip with her cos she can whip up a meal with minimal effort. You can discuss camp menus with her if you are out of ideas .

#askmala if you are new to the outdoors and are wondering what you need to survive out there with your friends. She will give you a fair perspective and get you kitted up. It can be frightening to step out of your comfort zone but you will do better with the right gear!

Suffer less, enjoy more.

You will take home memories of a wonderful journey, if you are not suffering from avoidable cold and exposure, or afraid your gear will fail you. Come see us to find out what is best to use for your adventures.


Ahmad Shahrul Fitri (Adik Shahrul) – Retail Guide

Noticed this cute guy with a mane of hair nicer than yours or mine at the store?

He is Adik Shahrul, youngest kiddo on our team and the most agile. He is a soft spoken guy with many hidden talents.

We found this kid freelancing here and there for technical rope work as rigging crew (yes, we provide technical crew for event gambits cause we know many skilled crew who could use some fun work) and offered him a job in the store as he had a knack for gear.

He proved to be a fast learner and quickly became a customer favorite because he has a pretty good eye for style. It always helps when we can assist customers with functional gear that matches their fashion sense. Afterall, everyone wants to look good in their holiday photos.

If you don’t see him at work on weekends, he is either freelancing for an outdoor job, to better his skills, or singing with his band. By the way, singing is an essential outdoor camping skill. Trust me, you’d want a good singer in your camp.

#askshahrul if you drop in at Corezone (after the MCO) or shop on and would like to pick up some cool gear for your adventures!