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March 2020 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Have you guys been following our social media? If no, you are missing out big time! We have been sharing informative videos and guides for you outdoor enthusiast. 

p/s: Also featurettes of our hunky, good looking team.

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As some of you may know, we have been struggling with our 15yo POS system since an electrical outage blew out most of our lighting in the store few days before the New Year in December. 2020 started out hard for us. We had to migrate our whole inventory, Customer List and Sales to a system that didn’t sync with our old one. Chinese New Year rolled around and we had to use manual receipts, like in 1900.
We would like to thank all our loyal Core Friends and new customers for their patience…waiting for receipts to be written out by hand 😅 We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused.
Just as we finally got our inventory uploaded, suddenly MCO was announced. Amazing timing. Now our online store is integrated with our physical store!
So, for those of you asking us what models, sizes, colors and discounts are available for trail running shoes, hiking boots, BUFF, rescue knives, etc…you can see for yourselves our real time stock availability at
Search by Brand and/or Search by Category:
▪︎Adventure Travel
▪︎Rock Climbing
▪︎Adventure Racing
▪︎Outdoor Gear & Accs
▪︎Water & Angling Gear
▪︎Technical & Rescue
We are still updating our online listing, so keep checking…since you are now stuck at home anyway 🤣
Stay tuned as we announce #stayathome promo codes for various items. You can shop online and we will send it out when MCO is lifted

How to Start a Home Workout?

You be might feeling despondent about fitness without your outdoor run or a session in the gym, but there are ways to stay fit inside your house.

Exercise is not only an immune booster but may also make a significant difference to your mental health. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for everyone to head outside into a porch or backyard for some fresh air. Here are some tips to get your daily burst of exercise inside your home.

Keep it simple – Use your common household items (pails, cans, towels, weighted boxes, chair etc.) for your workout routine.
Go online – Plenty of coaches giving free online tutorials and easy challenges to follow along and have some fun while at it. Photo Credit: @ainramli
Stay Focused – Don’t multitask, when you set aside time for workout, just focus on that and complete it. Work can wait.
Get pets involved – Pets need some run around too, so play fetch or tug-of-war with them to keep them entertained while breaking a little sweat yourself.
Try something new – This is time to try out new routines, pick up new styles and make use of the abundance of free guide been offered online.
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