Corezone Newsletter: January 2020 – BUFF Epic Ultimate Trail 2020 | New MUND Socks |  Mother of 3 qualifies for UTMB CCC 2020

January 2020 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Happy Chinese New Year

As we prepare to usher in the year of the Metal Rat, Corezone would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Happy Chinese New Year. 

Our operating hours will be as below:

24 Jan closing @ 3pm
25-27 Jan closed
Reopen as usual Tues, 28 Jan


Socks is an important piece of clothing that most often get neglected. Using the right sock for the right activity can greatly impact your experience.

Modern socks usually are a combination of natural and synthetic fiber that are designed with a specific activity in mind. So be sure to choose the correct pair for your next activity. Corezone just replenished our stock of Mund socks, some of which now has added features and protections.

Mund Borneo – Antimosquito
“Anti-mosquito and anti-bacterial sock, recommended by the World Health Organization for protection against insects, leech, ticks and mosquitoes”

Mund Track
“Specialized winter trekking sock that generates a microclimate between the skin and the sock, in which it retains the heat generated by the movement”

Mund City Antibacterias
“75%  therapeutic fiber CUPRON®, which contains cooper ions that prevent the bacteria and fungi growth which cause feet odor and helps skin regeneration.”

Mund Series (Trail Running)
“Semi-compressive and antibacterial sports sock that stands out for its ability to adapt to changes in temperature.”

Mund Invisible Coolmax
“70% COOLMAX® fiber is able to maintain the skin and the garment dry during the whole activity”

Mund Arctic
“Merino Wool sock perfect for autumn and winter trekking. Additional padding provided by double weave in order to provide comfort on uneven terrain”

BEUTop 2020

BUFF EPiC Ultimate Trails of Penang 2020 will develop on this already interesting and challenging race course designed by Endurance Nature to give you a signature BUFF event experience.

Endorsed by Asia Trail Master (ATM) Championship series this year, BEUToP 2020 will attract top athletes around the region. With almost 6,000m of elevation for the 100km race course and numerous key historical highlights along the route, we promise you a race to remember.

Race Date: 10-11 Oct 2020

Opening for registration: 1 Feb 2020

Categories: 10km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 100km (subject to possible addition)

Community Messages

While most use parenthood as an excuse to not do anything and everything, Team BUFF Malaysia’s ambassador; Norlela Ismail made parenthood her raison d’etre for excelling in the sport she loves. This chili padi of a mum holds a full time job but has ran 972 km in 2019 and stood 13 times on the podium, 4 times as the Champion in her category (excluding road races).

We recently caught up with Norlela to understand how a woman with a busy schedule like her achieved the feats above. Her answer was simple. She simply said that she loves running but does not have the time be out on a race course for extended periods of time. As such, she runs as fast as she can so that she can get home to her kids and household chores.

And so there you have it folks, the secret to balancing what you love and who you love.

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