Petzl Grigri

Self-braking belay-descender device


Self-braking belay-descender device

  • Device for belaying a leader or a second and for single rope descents.
  • Self-braking system: if the rope suddenly comes under tension (e.g. in a fall),
    the cam pivots to pinch the rope, thus helping the belayer stop the climber’s
  • Usage is similar to that of conventional belay devices:
    – Giving/taking slack is done by using both hands to slide the rope through 
    the device,
    – Falls are held by holding the free end of the rope, – For lowering and rappelling, the rate of descent is controlled by the hand holding the free end of the rope (the rope is released with the handle).

Technical specifications :

  • For ropes of diameters from 10 to 11 mm (9.7 mm accepted).
  • 225 g.