You’re an active person. No matter young or old, the Lifeline ID wristlet is the gear for you.

If you have a medical condition, drug allergies or even if you are a healthy individual, You can use the Lifeline ID wristlet. You can wear it on your wrist, shoes and also on your watch.

If an incident should occur and you are unable to speak, Lifeline ID wristlet laser engraved with all your essential details becomes your LIFELINE.

It will tell medics if you have any allergies or conditions that they need to be wary. It can help speed up the process of medical attention.

It’s your Lifeline when you need it most.


  • Silicon band and watch-style clasp
  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Cut to Fit Personal Wrist Length
  • Comes stainless steel plate and clasp
  • For black anodized plate and clasp add RM15