Komperdell C3 Carbon Power Lock Compact

Komperdell are in the business of building state of the art poles because poles should be an important part of your gear: the use of trekking poles can reduce up to 27% of strain on your joints and uses up less of your energy while your more upright position results in better breathing and increased stamina, and using both your arms and you legs gives you greater stability and balance (and therefore safety).

Komperdell improved their retention power by 90 %.



  • Expedition foam grip
  • Padded strap
  • 3-parts:
    – Upper section: carbon, Ø 18 mm
    – Middle section: carbon, Ø 16 mm
    – Lower section: Titanal .HF, Ø 14 mm
  • POWER LOCK II system
  • Vario Trekking basket
  • Tungsten/carbide flex tip
  • Sizes:
    – Packed size: 54 cm
    – Max. length: 120 cm
  • Weight: 210 grams/pole*