Edelweiss Touring Rope 8.5mm

The extra security you need for mountain walking or glacier crossing.


Edelweiss Touring Rope 8.5mm

Edelweiss Touring Rope is the perfect companion for mountain walking, canyoning and glacier crossing. It has the ideal diameter of 8.5mm and weight of 48 grams per meter, making it superb for long distance trips.

Useful for river crossing, safety while canyoning, and even to hold all equipment together. When required, it can be halved and used for abseiling.


  • Diameter: 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 48 g/m
  • Elongation 5-80 kg: 9%
  • Impact force: ~ 9,00 kN
  • Falls / Average of tests UIAA: 8
  • Double rope
  • Prices:
    20m = RM 265.00
    30m = RM 371.00