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  • Camelbak Octane Dart can be summarised as minimalist design, maximum comfort. It has been a favorite among runners for its simple and intuitive features

  • Camelbak Lobo


    Camelbak Lobo is the perfect mountain biking hydration pack that allows you pack the essentials and hit the trail quickly.

  • The CamelBak Crux reservoir delivers high-flow hydration and features an ergonomic handle for easier refilling and an on/off lever at the bite valve that makes it easy to prevent leaks.

  • La Sportiva Trango TRK Leather GTX is derived from the Trango family,  ideal for off track trails, walks in the woods and excursions with a heavy backpack.

  • The perfect shoe for ultra's and long distance training runs. It combines the agility of a mountain running shoe with great shock absorbance to make trail blazing smooth and comfortable.

  • Sea To Summit Ultra Light sleeping mat range has been tuned to give you the lightest and smallest pack-volume mat without compromising on Sea to Summit’s Air Sprung Cell comfort.

  • X-Shot is ideal for general cooking, making a shot of espresso for an early morning start or a shot of whatever you like when the weather forces you back.

  • Two-piece set with X-Bowl and X-Mug contained in a lightweight mesh pouch for easy storage and portability. X-Set is ideal for camping or hiking trips.

  • The X-Kettle is a tiny addition to your kit collapsing to 35mm. A 1.0L safe boiling capacity is perfect for a cup of tea or cocoa on the trail. With the increasing popularity of freeze dried food the kettle is all you need for two warm meals in one boil. If you prefer fresh rice…

  • SIGG VIVA is a collection of transparent drinking bottles made in Switzerland. It is made with durable and high-quality plastic and is completely recyclable. All materials used are free from BPA and other harmful substances. The innovative New Active Top fits on all wide mouth bottles and can easily be taken apart for thorough cleaning.…

  • Core High GTX by La Sportiva The Core High is an over-the-ankle, all synthetic trail hiking boot with highly breathable Gore-Tex® Surround™ Technology designed for moving fast on all types of terrain. It has been awarded the Peak Gear Award 2015 by Elevation Outdoors.

  • Hydrapak Shape-Shift 3L Hydrapak Shape-Shift 3L reservoir is where smart design meets peak performance. The time-tested creation for hydration on the go takes a serious beating and fits nicely in most packs. It is also fully reversible for easy cleaning.

  • Hydrapak Shape-Shift 2L Hydrapak Shape-Shift 2L reservoir is where smart design meets peak performance. The time-tested creation for hydration on the go takes a serious beating and fits nicely in most packs. It is also fully reversible for easy cleaning

  • X-Seal & Go is a range of collapsible food containers with leak proof lids

  • A simple design to keep your backpack off the ground and essential items.

  • Light and packable for minimalist fast hikes

  • Introducing the world’s lightest hammock.

  • Made from ultralight hard anodised aircraft alloy. The smooth matt finished aluminium comes hardened for safe, life long use.

  • High UV Protection BUFF® Angler is a seamless, multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many warm and hot weather activities. Made with Coolmax Extreme, High UV Protection BUFF will wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin faster than any other fabric, making it perfect for every outdoor activity under the sun. Designed to fit adult heads…

  • Sea To Summit Spark Sp 1 Sea To Summit Spark Sp 1 is the lightest sleeping bag we’ve made yet. Pared down to the bare necessities, the SpI is an adventure racer’s dream. Using the warmth of 850+ loft 90/10 Premium goose down, the amazing moisture protection of ULTRA-DRY Down™, and a micro-weight 10D Nylon…

  • The Sea to Summit X-Pot is a fully featured cooking pot that combines the heat-distribution of aluminum with the flexibility of silicone. The hard anodized aluminum base offers a fast boil time and the stainless steel ring embedded in the rim lends a rigidity to the silicone walls for easy lifting and stirring.

  • The Jet Stream is Sea To Summit efficient sleeping mattress pump, which doubles as a stuff sack.

  • Sea To Summit has pared weight and bulk where they can be spared, and retained plushness where you’ll appreciate it.