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  • Using waterproof and breathable Gore-tex®, the Kimberley is a wide brimmed hat for year round use. The Kimberley is perfect for travellers, bushwalkers and water sports with its light foam brim which will float and squash into pockets and packs.  

  • Huge brim offers outstanding sun protection, with a subdued styling so you don't get called 'amigo'. The Pilbara also has loads of ventilation, and the UPF 50+ fabric is water resistant, cool and soft.  

  • With a medium width brim, the Coolgardie offers great sun protection in cool, soft and stylish UPF50+ fabric

  • While Sea To Summit could make a lighter compression sack, it wouldn't handle the stresses involved with squashing gear down by a third! Sea To Summit trimmed down webbing and buckles and made the sack more user friendly with a unique cap construction.

  • Socks liner for extreme hot weather.

  • Mund K2 Socks


    Trekking socks suitable for cold weather.

  • Socks liner for extreme cold weather.

  • Mund Explorer


    Technical socks for cooler climate.

  • Sometimes, the only way to be rescued is to be heard. Invaluable for signaling rescuers.

  • SIGG, the brand leader for comprehensive, high-quality drinking systems for leisure and sports use.

  • This is the bottle that got it all started. Made of super-tough Polycarbonate, with an attached loop-top cap that won't come loose.

  • This pot lifter works with all MSR cookware and safely supports up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

  • These versatile pots are great for cooking and storage. The hinged handle flips over the fitted lid to lock it in place. Lids also have top handle tabs.

  • Intended for hardcore users or people going on extended trips, the Expedition Service Kit is a comprehensive maintenance and repair kit for your liquid-fuel stove and pump.

  • This simple kit allows you to easily perform annual maintenance on any MSR liquid-fuel stove and stove pump.

  • Used under an MSR® liquid-fuel stove, the Solid Heat Reflector adds stability and speeds boil times, while the Windscreen improves performance in gusty conditions.

  • The Trillium Stove Base stabilizes MSR stoves on all types of terrain, including snow, talus and gravel.

  • This kit will convert any MSR reservoir into a hands-free hydration system.

  • Combine MSR's 10-liter Dromedary Bag with our shower kit and you've got an easy-to-use, solar camp shower. Includes a Spigot Cap, a 3-foot flexible hose and shower nozzle. Your friends will thank you.

  • With Komperdell's Vario Winter Baskets you can convert your trekking poles for winter use. These baskets improve the pole's flotation in the snow. Great for snowshoeing. To change baskets, grasp the basket on the pole, twist to the left, and lift it off. To install the new basket, simply slip it on and twist to…

  • These are replacement summer baskets for Komperdell trekking poles. They provide extra pole flotation in loose sand and mud. To change baskets, grasp the basket on the pole, twist to the left, and lift it off. To install the new basket, simply slip it on and twist to the right until is locks in place.…

  • These rubber protectors slide onto the tip of your Komperdell trekking poles or walking sticks to protect both the tips and your walking surface. If you're using your poles indoors, the pole's metal tips can damage your flooring. These rubber tips protect your floors, and provide extra traction on hard surfaces. On hard surfaces outdoors,…

  • Sea to Summit’s polycarbonate cutlery set with handy mini carabiner clip to prevent losses. Comes with a spoon, knife and fork, all bundled together in a carabiner.

  • Now you can bring it with you! The Kitchen sink is great for carrying and storing water for cooking, washing up or washing yourself. The Kitchen sink is ideal for group camping, and makes a great present for the outdoorsperson who has everything. Water collection and purification