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  • Fox 40 Micro Safety Whistle The Fox 40 Micro is designed to be small and flat, with no pressure points. It is easily attachable to life jackets, clothing, backpacks and fitted into small compartments. With a sound power of 110 decibel, the Fox 40 can be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, roar of engines,…

  • Fox 40 Classic The Fox 40 Classic is the standard choice for referees and coaches of all levels, rescue professionals, and general safety worldwide. Fox 40 is a brand known for the most reliable whistles in the world. It's construction has no moving parts so it will not jam, freeze or deteriorate. With the sound…

  • FOX 40 Sonik Blast CMG with Breakaway Lanyard Fox 40 is the benchmark for the best safety whistles in the world. With the sound power of 120 decibels, the Fox 40 Sonik Blast can be heard clearly from a mile away. it is constructed from materials that will not freeze, jam or deteriorate, for maximum consistency and…

  • With the Guide 10 Plus Recharger and Nomad 7 Solar Panel you have a portable, rugged charging kit as adventurous as you are.  

  • Very handy for keeping keys together, attaching guy lines to a Tarp-Poncho, hanging a lantern in your tent, and many other uses. The Accessory Carabiners come in a pack of three colors.

  • Sea To Summit now make their all-in-one raincoat/pack cover/groundsheet/tarp with 15D Ultra-Sil®Nano fabric – this has saved 3 ounces and 30% of the packed size when compared with its 30D Ultra-Sil ® predecessor. It is ideal for temperate climates or as an emergency shelter.  

  • The Tempo D1.5 lumbar pack holds water, small accessories and fuel for shorter distance events and training. The diagonal bottle holster eases access, and the included .5-liter DualBot bottle features a unique hands-free nozzle to make trail hydration as smooth as possible. An offset hook closure provides low-profile secure fastening that won’t chafe or create…

  • Gregory Tempo 8


    Designed for ultra-endurance races like the grueling UTMB, the Tempo 8 offers the largest carrying capacity in the Tempo Series.

  • Gregory Pace H1


    The Pace H1 lets you carry water and a few small items in comfort on your afternoon run, or acts as a supplemental hydration hauler when paired with a shoulder pack. Its horizontally oriented bottle holster provides ambidextrous access while balancing the water weight evenly across your lumbar region, and two small pockets give you…

  • Add hydration to any bag with this handy bottle pocket.

  • From the beach, to river trips or even the daily commute, submersible E-Reader cases allow the uncompromised enjoyment of your favorite e-book page-turner in any situation.

  • Touch, Talk and ListenTM with Full Protection: These cases give your critical electronics submersible protection while still allowing you to operate them. i-Series Cases provide full protection for Apple® devices.

  • Accessory carabiner for everyday use. Not to be used for climbing.

  • 80mm accessory carabiner for everyday use. Not to be used for climbing.

  • The same innovative design as EK original 3-Way eyewear retainer but this time in a super sleek style.

  • Hopefully if your glasses take a swim, you'll be wearing a Croakies Floater.

  • This ultra-light whistle is extremely loud.

  • The Windstorm whistle out-performs other whistles in loudness.

  • PowerBar® Performance bars are specially formulated to provide food energy for athletes and active people.

  • PowerBar® GEL is a concentrated carbohydrate electrolyte blend that delivers energy fast and efficiently.