Corezone Newsletter: September 2019 – Corezone on Elbrus | Routes on Gasing | Freezer in the Wild

September 2019 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Corezone on Elbrus

Dee Lu reached the top of Mount Elbrus (Europe’s tallest mountain) on a journey with long time friend and cancer survivor Renee Aziz.

It was an adventure to discover their limits and to encourage the motto “live life to the fullest with no regrets”.

Route Marker for Gasing

Thanks to The Star Golden Hearts Awards prize money last year, hikers at Bukit Gasing can now enjoy their weekly hike without getting lost in the maze of trails. Friendly signages setup by FOBG will help to lead you around the hill to both the PJ and Kerinchi side.

Here’s the Komoot map for the newly marked routes.


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Barbecues, fishing and boat trips, backyard parties, school sports events, road trips, tailgating and picnics just got a whole lot better.


Do you dream of climbing big mountains? What is holding you back?

Come listen to Renee Aziz Ahmad, a 2 time cancer survivor living with Stage 4 cancer, tell you about what inspires her to get out there and pursue her summits, one objective at a time.

We will also share with you what it takes to prepare mentally and physically to achieve your summit goals.

Register here :

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