Corezone Newsletter: October 2018
Corezone Newsletter: October 2018 –
Commuting During Monsoon Season | Camping stuff are here!

 October 2018 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Commuting During Monsoon

Good Day COREFriends!

The monsoon is upon us and we are being bombarded with sudden rains and flash floods almost daily. While we can’t avoid going through these conditions, we can at least prepare ourselves to remain safe and comfortable. 

In this newsletter, we share with you some tips on how public transport commuters or motorcyclist can face the monsoon.

It is always good to have a waterproof and most importantly breathable jacket during a rain spell. It will keep you dry and warm. You should also consider jackets that are lightweight and pack-able so that it can be easily carried along.

Besides that, do also invest in a waterproof back pack and a pouch to secure your electronic stuff. We may never know when your LRT/MRT might get delayed and you wouldn’t want your device to give up on you too.

A Goretex lined footwear will be the savior in times you have to walk in puddles of water or get splashed by the road side. They do an excellent job keeping your foot dry and remain comfortable.

As the saying goes “Sediakan payung sebelum hujan” which literally translates to prepare the umbrella before it rains, invest in a good pocket umbrella. You can also download weather apps to stay ahead with weather forecasts.

Finally, the rainy season brings with it mass flu infections. Keep yourself protected with hand sanitizers.

Corezone is giving discounts up to 30% for 360 Degrees and Mac In A Sac jackets.

Mac In A Sac Is Here

Mac in a Sac was first brought into the outdoor world in 1987 by Target Dry Ltd in Belfast. Their aim has always been to offer the highest quality waterproof clothing, with a wide range of colours and sizes.

Mac in a Sac range packs away into its own bag, making it super-handy!

Corezone has brought in their Origin and Neon (for those who like to stand out) waterproof jackets. These jackets are highly waterproof and breathable (7000WP/7000BR). They are perfect for a whole array of outdoor activities ranging from cycling to camping or festivals to walking the dog!

Check Them Out Here

Europe’s Best Tent?

We have been asked for the longest time when we are going to bring in tents and camp furniture. It took us this long because we wanted to ensure we bring in the right equipment for your need and mostly importantly this equipment has to tick off all our requirements. 

We finally got our candidate, introducing – Nigor/Eureka. This high profile and leading outdoor brand in the European market, is one of the brands in Nigor Net’s portfolio. Eureka! has been manufacturing quality tents since 1895; becoming known over the years as an innovation leader in the outdoor industry.

For starters, we have brought in the products below:

  • KeeGo 2 Dome Tent (2 Man)
  • KeeGo 3 Dome Tent (3 Man)
  • Sunshade (Portable Cabana)
  • Kingfisher seat
  • Morningbird seat
  • Joplin chair
  • Table S
  • Bistro Table

October Specials

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Mac In A Sac Origin
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