Corezone Newsletter: May 2018 #2
Corezone Newsletter:
May 2018 #2 – 🗻 Corezone Adventure School – Altitude Sickness (Part 3)| Advance 0% GST Sale | New Running Shoe Brand 👟

 May 2018 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Hi COREFriends!!

This will be our final part of the 3 part series covering altitude sickness. We managed to cover the types and also why altitude sickness happens. In our final part, we take a look at how can altitude sickness be prevented or at least reduced in severity.

In most cases, altitude sickness can be avoided if hikers take and follow strictly to some tips and rules when approaching altitude.

The best way you can lower your chance of getting altitude sickness is through acclimatization. That means you let your body slowly get used to the changes in air pressure as you travel to higher elevations.

Besides that, you can also follow the below steps to decrease your chance of getting altitude sickness.

Another way to prevent would be using medication such as acetazolamide  or dexamethasone. These medication are best used before even reaching the altitude and also, best taken with consultation from your doctor.

Best treatment for altitude sickness however would be, to descend as soon as possible to a lower elevation. With that, we conclude our Altitude Sickness series and hope you find these tips useful for your upcoming trip.

Corezone adventure school will continue next month with a new topic. Till then chiao!


As you may already know, GST will be zero rated from 1st June 2018, but Corezone thought, why wait till then?

How about we pay GST for you guys instead?

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Brooks Running

Great news Runners!!

Brooks Running shoes will soon be available at Corezone. Brooks shoes need no introduction as it has long been the runners’ choice when it comes to performance shoes.

Stride Signature is Brooks’ philosophy that drives how they develop and fit running. It allows you to find your perfect match by understanding two things about you: your biomechancis – or how your body wants to run – and the run experience you crave – or how you want to run.

Keep a look out at our Facebook page for the latest update on the availability.


Fancy Climbing Your 1st 5000m Mountain?

Interested in gaining elevation in your hiking portfolio? Mount Kinabalu seems a little too low for your appetite for altitude? Here’s your chance to get 1st hand info on what could possibly be your 1st 5000m climb.

We will be hosting a sharing session brought to you by Eddie Ang, a experienced climber and frequents Mt. Si Gu Niang in China. You will be able to gauge whether you have what it takes to successfully complete this climb of new elevation.

Besides that,  there will also be a session with Uniquevarcity of Hiker (UOH), a social organisation aimed at encouraging hiking among Malaysian while also supporting our nature guide community. They carry out various empowerment programs for underprivileged guides and porters.

Best part is, participants stand a chance to win Sea To Summit and Buff products through Q&A sessions AND Millet products will be on 20% discount!   

Register Here
Siape kata time puasa tak boleh trail run?

It’s all in the mindset, join our Team Buff Malaysia on this coming Saturday (2nd June) for night trail run at Kemensah. Be sure to bring along your headlamps and have fun exploring the trail in dark.

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