Corezone Newsletter: April 2018 #2
Corezone Newsletter:
April 2018 #2 –  Corezone Adventure School – Altitude Sickness (Part 2) and Everest Season has Begun

 April 2018 Issue

Corezone Newsletter

Hello Adventurers!

In our March edition we explained what is altitude sickness and the types that commonly occur among trekkers and mountaineers. This month, we will look at why altitude sickness happens in the first place.

Knowing why it happens is essential as it can help us prevent or reduce the onset of altitude sickness should we come across one.

The main cause of altitude sickness is Oxygen. The lack of oxygen to be precise, which in turn causes a person to feel unwell at altitude. 

As we are aware, oxygen allows the human body to “burn” food, creating energy. Every cell in the human body needs oxygen to survive.

Despite oxygen amounting to almost 20% of our air composition, the amount available is controlled by barometric pressure. At high altitudes, this pressure drops and there is less oxygen available (image below).

The drop in oxygen levels contributes to one getting altitude sickness and the body needs time to adjust to the new surrounding. This will lead us to part 3 of our series, where we will talk about “The How” to prevent altitude sickness.

Stay tuned. 

Oxygen saturation according to altitude.
Image from:

Everest Season has Begun

Spring in Nepal means one thing, MOUNTAIN SEASON!

The country welcomes hundreds of travelers and mountaineers in the months of March to May. Nepal is well known for its picturesque landscape and cloud piercing mountains. It is blessed with having 8 of the 14 peaks over 8000m among other “hills” if you may.

Every year, the mountaineering community and armchair adventurers focus their attention to one such peak, Mount Everest. Everest being the highest mountain in the world above sea level draws a lot of attention and admiration towards it during this season.   

14 peaks above 8000m. 
Image from:
Even though trekkers and mountaineers do travel to other neighboring peaks and trekking routes, nothing draws the interest of people like EBC (Everest Base Camp) Trek and Everest Expeditions.

Interested in tracking the movement and life of these adventurers? Here, we list down some of the teams and bloggers you can follow to get 1st hand information on life at EBC and up above.

Team Buff® Run Clinic

Back by popular demand!

As you guys are aware, we had a Trail Run session with Team Buff Malaysia on 15/4/18 to Pondok Repin, Kemensah. We received many request from people to have another session due to missing the earlier one, so guess what? We will be having another session on 22/4/18 too!!

Head on to the stated meet up point and join them.

We Are Hiring!

Always wondered how out staff can be so cool and knowledgeable? Or do you have the passion to share your outdoor and travel experience with others?

Here’s a chance to be part of the Corezone Family.

Part Time / Full Time
Retail Guide and Customer Service Assistant

  • Required to have a pleasant personality and keen interest to help customers.
  • You must be able to invest at least one year with us, if we are going to train you to the best outdoor product retail guide.
  • Position open to all graduates and outdoor lovers.

If interested, do contact us via call, email or Facebook and we will take it from there.

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