Newsletter July: Taming the Rapids, Talk on Trekking Poles, and How to Use a Buffwear®
Corezone Monthly Newsletter: July 2016 – Taming the rapids, Talk on Trekking Poles and How to use a BuffWear®
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JULY 2016
White water rafting is a truly unforgettable experience. Malaysia is blessed with many fine rivers which provides many excellent venues for rafting. All whitewater rivers are graded using an international system and can range from ‘safe’ to ‘extremely exhilarating’. We would like to share these grades with you.
  • Level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Beginners/First Timers
  • Condition: No rapids, flat water
  • Risk: Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy
  • Location: Sungai Langat, Hulu Langat; Sungai Bentung, Pahang
  • Level: Novice
  • Suitable For: Children and anyone seeking an enjoyable experience
  • Condition: Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels
  • Risk: Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance, while helpful, is seldom needed
  • Location: Sungai Jeram Besu, Pahang; Sungai Nenggiri, Kelantan; Sungai Kiulu, Sabah
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Suitable For: People with some basic rafting skills
  • Condition: Rapids with moderate and irregular waves
  • Risk: Injuries while swimming are rare; self-rescue is usually easy but group assistance may be required to avoid long swims
  • Location: Sungai Kampar/Itek/Geroh, Perak; Sungai Sungkai, Perak
  • Level: Advanced
  • Suitable For: People with advanced rafting skills
  • Condition: Intense, powerful but predictable rapids
  • Risk: Risk of injury to swimmers is moderate to high, and water conditions may make self-rescue difficult. Group assistance for rescue is often essential.
  • Location: Sungai Slim, Perak; Sungai Chamang, Pahang; Sungai Sedim, Kedah; Sungai Padas, Sabah
  • Level: Expert
  • Suitable For: Experts
  • Condition: Extremely long, obstructed, or very violent rapids
  • Risk: Swims are dangerous, and rescue is often difficult even for experts.
  • Location: Sungai Selangor, Selangor; Sungai Singor, Hulu Perak; Sungai Telom, Pahang
For more information on Whitewater Rafting, contact our friendly operators Nomad AdventureRiver Bug, and Pierose Swiftwater
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