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Corezone Monthly Newsletter: May 2016 – Memilih kasut yang sesuai untuk aktiviti luar yang lain, explaining shoes and their purposes outdoors, and 6 key roles in a hiking party provided by Jenoba Outdoor
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MAY 2016
Corezone TV: Tip-Tip Hiking – Memilih Kasut yang Sesuai
Corezone Product Specialist Wan menjelaskan perbezaan di antara pelbagai kasut untuk aktiviti luar, dan mengapa mereka sesuai untuk jenis activiti sendiri

Every Shoe Has a Purpose

Hiking Team Roles. (Credit to Jenoba Outdoor for the content)

Everyone in a hiking team has a role and each one is as important as the other. The purpose is to make our hiking trips as safe and as enjoyable as possible according to the Jenoba article.

Therefore, Corezone has taken the liberty to translate and share this information in English for the benefit of our non-BM speaking members, so that we can adopt this practice whenever we are out hiking in a group. The following 6 roles are described as below;

Ketua Expedisi/Group Leader (Expedition Leader)
The Group Leader has the primary responsibility of leading the group of hikers. Specific responsibilities are
  • Decision maker of the group; such as, if the hike should continue on or not, or which route is best for the team.
  • At regular intervals during the hike, ensure that the Sweeper is able to catch up with all hikers.
  • Ensure that emergency procedures are followed in case of an emergency.
First Man
The First Man, as the name suggests, is the front runner of the group and directly behind the guide (if any). Responsibilities are:
  • To set an appropriate pace for the group of hikers
  • Understand the route of the planned hike
The Sweeper will hike at the back of the group so that all hikers in the group are accounted. Responsibilities would be:
  • Count the number of hikers in the group. Verify that all hikers are accounted for on a regular basis during the hike.
  • Contact the group leader via the Runner if the group is too spread out for the count
  • To have a strong mentality and personal motivation; as at times, the group might have an injured or a slow paced hiker
  • Agree with the group leader on all communication methods to be used during the hike.
  • Picks up any rubbish which has left behind by the group during the hike.
First Aider
In a group, there could be 1 or more persons who could be in this role. This depends on the size of the group. But it is good practice for individual hikers to bring their own personal first aid kits. The responsibilities of a First Aider are as below;
  • Carries the group first aid kit
  • Has basic knowledge of providing certified first aid
  • Attend to any member of the group who requires first aid assistance.
Often this person will be the fittest and has the fastest hiking pace. Runner will
  • Update the group leader/guide/first man in the event of an emergency
  • Rushes back to the campsite to collect first aid or any items which has been left behind
Some say that this role is even more important than that of the group leader. Others say that a hiking group will not be complete without them. All we know is that a Chef will have to:
  • Provide the best cooked and balanced meal to the group
  • Prepare the food in the most hygienic manner
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